I don’t know how but when my parents
Went seperate ways
They took parts of me with them;
They used them to better themselves.

My mother she took my trust, my love, my commitment.
She polemically used them to collide with another man as I looked on.
I think she took my selfishness too.

My dad. He took my spontaneity, happiness, and my passion. He used them to buy a bike. He just kept on riding away from his past.
I think He went a little crazy.

4 years I spent. Wondering empty,
Filled with nothing but a dark cavity.
Searching to find these pieces on dingy dance floors and strangers beds after liquor fueled invitations;
Promising men forever when what I actually meant was “your convenient”.

But it’s okay, I’m getting back to my old self again now.

Thanks. I owe you.

" —

When you fell in love with me, you brought my old pieces with you. // I love you.


(via lozzat)

(via lozzat)

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